Sandwich Reviews

Lemon Basil Tart - Piper

Another entry from the fabulous breakfast buffet at Piper's in Oceanside, CA. This dessert sandwich was absolutely refreshing. A perfect sweet treat for a morning brunch This tart had a Lemon and basil moose that catches the eye from across the room. While sweet and lemony, the notes of basil add an aromatic earthiness to the dish balancing out the sweetness. This is a great experience and while not something you would find yourself eating several of, it is a unique take on the lemon tart. 7.1/10 dessert sandwich

Carne Asada Burrito - Colima's Mexican Restaurant

The Carne Asada Burrito from Colima's Mexican Restaurant in Oceanside, CA. Everything you love in a carne asada burrito displayed like a masterful craft in a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Oceanside. This burrito was HUGE for its price and loaded with perfectly seasoned carne asada. The house guacamole was creamy and spicy enough to not need added salsa, but not too hot to make the burrito unenjoyable. 8.6/10 Sandwich, try it if you're in the area! 

Everything Bagel and Lox - Piper

The Everything bagel and Lox from Piper located in the Lobby of The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, CA. Personally, Im not a fish fan. However, The Everything bagel and Lox found at the Breakfast buffet from Piper's is an absolutely mind-blowing experience.  The bagel is toasted to perfection. The cream cheese spread is lightly whipped making it easy to spread but the real star of the show is the succulent smoked salmon used to top the bagel off. The salmon is salty yet fresh and the smoky flavor profile compliments the seasoning on the everything bagel so well that you almost forget you're eating fish. This open face delight is sure to be the highlight of your morning. 8.8/10 sandwich. 

Grilled Chicken + Avocado - High/Low

The Grilled Chicken + Avocado Sandwich from High/Low restaurant located in Oceanside, CA right off the beach. This was a pleasant light affair containing grilled chicken, Avocado, Arugula, Havarti cheese, and an earthy Arugula Pesto sauce. The offered side is a house Coleslaw which I chose to add to the sandwich instead of eating it separately. Adding the Coleslaw was a definite improvement to the sandwich as the Chicken, while cooked perfectly, was lacking in seasoning. 6.3/10 Sandwich, worth trying during brunch. 

Ziggy The Piggy - Zuppaman

The Ziggy the Piggy from Zuppaman sandwich shop in Sandusky, Ohio. This sandwhich was a one of a kind creation including a delicious and tender BBQ Pork Loin, savory Mac n Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Maple Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and all bundled together with love in a toasted wrap. 8.7/10 sandwich. Will be revisiting this shop to try one of their many other original creations. If you're in the Sandusky area, love yourself right and get a sandwich from Zuppaman!